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Oddiction // Hans Besselink

artist, sound designer & audio content creator, finder of oddities.
a connoisseur of odd.

I’m a Dutch artist, a sound designer, and an audio content creator. Going by the moniker Oddiction since 2008, I developed an eclectic and distinct style of sound design. My Oddiction sound signature always has a slight confrontational edge. Pushing boundaries, and coloring outside the proverbial box. I hope my sounds will inspire artists to do the same thing as well. Like many beginning musicians, I started playing metal music in the attic. Curiosity about other genres always benefitted me. Firstly by playing in various bands and secondly by exploring a plethora of (sub)genres.

All these ingredients continue to simmer in a huge cauldron. Ready to pour some of the wildest sonic potions.

The Oddiction sound signature

Additionally, I began experimenting with Breakcore and Industrial Hardcore. Venetian Snares, NiN, Sisters of Mercy, Fear Factory, Bong-Ra, Atari Teenage Riot. In short, these pioneering artists had a big influence on me. I released a few tracks on vinyl and CD. Mostly on independent labels such as DNA Records, Thorntree Records, and Megarave Records. Some songs were released under the pseudonym Carnivore. Others as half of a producer duo: Lords of Dominion. During that period an even bolder sound signature emerged.

My sonic mischief over the years

My career as a sound design artist dates back to 2008. Creating presets and audio content for a wide variety of VST instruments and effects. I’m currently still collaborating with amazing and talented developers. Contributions towards creating and testing new tools for sonic mischief. Working with some of the industry’s leading audio plugin companies feels truly fortunate!

A full bio and more info about who Hans Besselink is can be found here.

A recent interview I did with software developer Kilohearts can be found here. The interview was part of a new PhasePlant content bank release.

Oddiction by Hans Besselink
sound design by Hans Besselink
sound design
audio content creation by Hans Besselink
audio content creation
Hans Besselink as beta tester and consultant
software testing