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Hans Besselink

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Eurorack Adventure, December 2021

In October I introduced you to a new series of blogs I’ll be doing. The first post talked about how I got into this Eurorack Adventure, and how the journey has gone so far. In this month’s blog, I want to dive a little deeper into how you know which module could work for you. Where to find info, or maybe even try it before you buy it.

Eurorack is a canvas with almost endless possibilities, I say almost because probably the most limiting factor for your system is running out of budget. A second limiting factor could be running out of Horizontal Pitch. But! Throwing more money at that problem will fix that, and YAY! We have a downward spiral. 😁

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Eurorack Adventure October 2021

Eurorack Adventure, October 2021

So, here we are, ten months into 2021 and the Doepfer Monsterbase is near completion. A bumpy road and more hurdles ahead. Was this year a good time to start a Eurorack system? The pandemic lingered on into 2021 and still rears its ugly head. The other obstacle that is causing many module builders a major headache is the global chip shortage. It’s not only increasing prices, but it’s causing re-stock issues. There are simply not enough chips around for those that craft our beloved nifty electronics.

This post will be the first of a series called Eurorack Adventure. Allow me to fill you in on how my first modular synth journey started this year. I hope this will amuse you, or even help you on your own modular trip. These will be long writings, so grab something to drink and some snacks!

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